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mentoring-support The mentoring ‘contract’ and why it matters
Mentoring others is a great way to give something back to the organisation, to help others develop their career, and to learn things ourselves by gaining different views and perspectives to those we might usually be exposed to.
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5 ways to promote your career in just 10 minutes
It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to create an opportunity that could be great for your career. Your biggest enemy is inertia – don’t waste the 10 minutes dithering, seize the moment and take action!
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Working from home: How to stay focused
With many of us switching to working from home, we are beginning to realise the advantages and disadvantages this brings. From a better work life balance now we don’t spend hours commuting, to the difficulty of working from home when everyone is present, partners and children and wanting something from you. In such circumstances remaining […]
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A radical rethink of assessment centres
Assessment centres are employed with one precise objective: to be more objective and reliable in assessing talent. Yet many ACs we’ve seen have two inherent biases in their design that are rarely discussed.
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How to lose your graduates and hipos
It’s been reported that a staggering 55% of people on High Potential programmes leave their organisations within 5 years.
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Why talented people shouldn’t be networking
Today’s article is a short one, just a challenge to accepted thinking about ‘networking’.
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What about senior careers?
Early talent streams – professional apprentice or graduate?
So you’re considering hiring Professional Apprentices at 18, in addition to graduates at 21. What do those 3 years of independent study bring to graduates? What do 18 year olds potentially do better?
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6 actions that drive a self-driven culture
This is the second of our articles on what you need to do to create a culture where people drive their own development and career.
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